The Man Who Was Death

by Truant

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NitroJava Good fun horror punk done well! Takes the typical corny nature of the genre and gives it a slightly heavier edge. The lyrics are very well done, as well as the use audio clips. Favorite track: The Corpse Came to Dinner.
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BSGRaso71 I had to pick a favorite track, but to be honest all of it is great!! This is the best album from this genre I have heard in a long time. I look forward to more music and to see them live in the future!! If this is your kind of music passing on this on is a travesty!! Favorite track: City of the Living Dead.
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    An honest to God brain eating, flesh ripping, corpse devouring zombie, Truant unleashes his unique brand of down and dirty gritty punk rock with the debut album THE MAN WHO WAS DEATH. Featuring the punk anthems "Ghouls Rush In", "Spookhouse Rock!" and "City of the Living Dead", THE MAN WHO WAS DEATH is a brutal, dark, and dirty tale of death, rebirth, and destruction. After facing an untimely death and subsequent reanimation, Truant has returned with an army of the undead to wage war on the living for their hastening of this planet's destruction. Heed the call of THE MAN WHO WAS DEATH and his legions of the dead... after all, there are way more of them than there are of you.

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The eleven track debut album from horror punk artist Truant is finally here! Featuring the hard hitting anthems "Ghouls Rush In", "City of the Living Dead", "Spookhouse Rock!" and more.


released August 25, 2015

Truant - Vocals, Samples
Tony Jenkins - Guitar, Bass, Organ
Wolf Gnards - Drums
Charlotte Perkins Grace - Fire, Happy Claps

Recorded August '14 in Chicago, IL. Produced by Truant.
Mixed and mastered by Elijah Rentas for Sev'rd Nervez Music.
Artwork and layout by Kevin Michael.

© Truant. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Truant Chicago, Illinois

An honest to God brain eating, flesh ripping, corpse devouring zombie, Truant unleashes his unique brand of down and dirty gritty punk rock with the debut album THE MAN WHO WAS DEATH. Featuring the punk anthems "Ghouls Rush In", "Spookhouse Rock!" and "City of the Living Dead". ... more

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Track Name: Ghouls Rush In
Day starts to fade and there's no moon in the sky
It's dark and quiet and calm on the hillside
Then someone's screams break the silence of this night
Look to the trees, see the dead walking upright

They have returned on this night to live again
Walls start to crack and the dead are reaching in
You've got no choice but to fight when it begins
Aim all your guns at their heads when ghouls rush in

Zombies rising from the dead
to eat the flesh of living men
Bodies broken on the floor
drowned in blood and swamped in gore
Feel your flesh break underneath
swarms of hands and rotted teeth
Waves of violence never end
'til you've become one of them
Track Name: City of the Living Dead
A rumble felt across the earth
Their hands are digging through the dirt, yeah!
In the void souls cry and beg
for the lives they've lost and want again
Centuries of greed and carnage
History's been disregarded
Now in Hell, gates open wide
to unleash all those they hold inside

City of the living dead
wake up and rise again
City of the living dead
now the gates of Hell are opening

The legions of the stiff and rotten
those that you have long forgotten
See the death of all you've known
now that man cannot reap what he's sown
Countless future generations
pay the cost for all you've taken
You put a price on human life
now the debt you owe has multiplied

Now the gates are open
never gonna close
Track Name: Undying Love (The Ballad of Charlotte Perkins Grace)
Resting there so calm and peaceful
in a vault of horror lay
my bride in veils of darkness
but I know she'll rise today
cause here on this night
as the flies lay there eggs
reunited at last
no more nightmares in my damaged brain

The light only shines on my darkness
when I stare into your eyes

Can I have your hand, my Charlotte?
We can dance into the night
And if I wrap my arm around you
I promise not to break your spine
There's worms in your face
where your nose used to be
It's so gross and yet you're so beautiful to me

On earth shall it be in the void
where we'll never say goodbye...
Track Name: The Corpse Came to Dinner
He's got a corpse hung from a meat hook
up against the kitchen wall
He cuts the groin up to the sternum
and takes the head off with his saw
His daddy said "Now, be a good boy
ain't no sense putting meat to waste
Pay no mind to the life it cost them
as long as there's food on our plates"

No one who steps inside where they feast
is getting out alive in one piece

And now he'll head back to the woods soon
and bring another body home
Nurtured by the wicked men do
the only way he's ever known

Sick world of death
he has known from his first breath

The broken mirrors give him refuge
but he is still trapped in his skin
Tortured by the pain and confused
by all the shame he feels within
But now an idea creeps in slowly
a final chance to hide disgrace
He peels the flesh off of the corpse and
wears the dead skin on his face

Dancing under the moonlight with
brand new masks of human flesh
He made some bowls out of the skulls and
built some furniture with the rest

Sick world of death
he will know 'til his last breath
Track Name: Spookhouse Rock!
Where ghosts lie and wait
to cross over sides
Can't find a way of leaving this life
Locked in a world where everything's black
No Heaven or Hell and no coming back

Forever trapped in the corners of these walls
Forever you'll hear the echoes of their calls
Ghosts riding in

The walls start to shake, the floor starts to drop
The roof starts to cave, the spookhouse it rocks

The spookhouse rocks!

Ghosts lie in wait to kill all inside
They'll find a way of taking your life
back to these walls where everything's black
No Heaven or Hell and no coming back
Track Name: As You Bleed Out
Pay no mind to the noise outside
cause you know it's just the wind
Don't be brave and investigate
just keep yourself locked in
There's no sense in your screaming now,
he's already in your house

Is it a want or is it a need
or a demon reaching out?
He has no way that he can explain,
he just knows that he must watch
As you bleed out

He must try to satisfy this
hunger deep within
Butcher knife slides deep inside
and scrapes along the bone
beneath the skin
Track Name: The Man Who Was Death
Say goodbye to the world outside now
Pain and death await
On the ground bleeding from the mouth,
we will see you writhe like snakes

Beating and crippling and hacking and slashing
the ones who have stepped in our way
We harvest their guts and we bathe in their blood
and their heads will be kept on display

An army of misfits and outcasts and bastards,
the ones you have tried to forget
They rise and they fall and they follow the call
of the one who has come to avenge

Backs they are broken and skulls they are shattered,
we stack bodies up on a hill
We ravage and plunder the opposing forces,
beat them and fuck what we kill

Say goodbye to the greed and pride now
The shit that you've called life
Your hopes and your dreams
and your memories of good times
are dripping from my knife

The man who was death
Track Name: The Hills Have Us
Hidden away from the land of the living we dwell
in caves far away inside these hills
We wait for the day that you will journey in
cause we'll drink your blood and eat your skin

There's no escape, we will find you,
remind you of all the evil man can do

Deep in these hills, in these caves we are waiting for you
To step across this line and fill this tomb
And once taken, we'll feed on all there is of you
before we're through
The hills have us

Grabbed by hands around the ankles
and dragged by brutal force
You scratch and claw for an escape
but your nails they break along the way
And now taken, but still you kick and shout
You'll see your flesh ripped from the bone
and feel your guts as they're pulled out